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Americans Are Losing Their Jobs To Imported Workers. WILL YOU BE    REPLACED?

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  • “The worker from India shadowed me everywhere to learn my job and I’ve been here over 15 years.” – Accountant – Toys R Us –

  • “American workers are forced to do ‘knowledge transfer’ to train their foreign replacements. American should be outraged.” – IT worker – SCE IT –

  • “They are bringing in inexperienced people to replace us and we have to train them. It’s demoralizing and I felt betrayed.” – Longtime IT Worker – Disney –

  • “I felt very unpatriotic training my replacement but I needed the severance pay..” – Software developer – Disney –

  • “I was forced into early retirement and the timing was horrible because of my wife’s medical emergencies.” – Project Manager – Disney –

Help protect YOUR job!

American workers are being laid off at an enormous rate and are being replaced with imported foreign workers. And it’s happening all over America. Major corporations are using government programs to bring in cheaper foreign workers with temporary visas to replace American workers everywhere. Don’t wait for this to happen to you!

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Get the facts

IT Employees replaced

In 2015, Disney laid off 250 IT employees and brought in H-1B visa holders from an India-based staffing firm to replace them. Southern California Edison also laid off 500 IT employees and replaced them with H-1B visa holders from two more Indian staffing firms.
Middle Class Americans are being replaced in their job to imported workers. Watch Now!

66% of 9 million high-skilled workers are under employed

Large tech companies such as Facebook and Microsoft continue to push for a significant increase in H-1B visas, while many high-skilled Americans are out of work or underemployed. Corporations falsely claim we have a shortage of STEM workers. In fact, two-thirds of more than 9 million people in the U.S. with degrees in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics are working in other fields. With one of the most innovative and productive workforces in the world, government policies should nurture our homegrown talent, not cut their legs out from under them by allowing companies unfettered access to cheaper foreign workers through the deeply flawed H-1B visa program.

H-1B Visa Application Fee makes it easier & cheapter to replace American workers

Although many members of Congress expressed outrage at the time, they’re now ready to ensure that the H-1B visa is an even cheaper tool for eliminating American jobs. Yet no one in Congress is making any effort to stop it.

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